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About us

The Patio Room Company is a subsidiary of the architect-led design company GWA Design Ltd, which owns the design copyright. The Patio Room design is a Registered Community Design

Function:- The Patio Room Company function is to market the Patio Room as a premium, development 'package' product backed with a technical support line. The product has a single, standard specification, of Good Residential Quality, with only one optional extra - for High Performance doors - to give improved security, weatherproofing and energy-efficiency. There is a range of standard Models. In addition, there are standard 'specials' (linked Models, door positions at the front, etc) and non-standard 'specials' (by separate agreement)

Aims and Objectives:- The Patio Room Company aims to give customers helpful, professional advice throughout the procurement process - from Inception, Site Preparation and Construction through to Occupation and Maintenance. We encourage customers to use the support service freely and they are welcome to visit and inspect the 'show' Patio Room (by appointment). The company does not give on-site advice, except in connection with non-standard 'specials'


Philosophy:- The Patio Room Company philosophy is to assist customers develop their property more successfully. We show customers that a solid-roof conservatory adds greater value than a traditional glazed-roof conservatory of equivalent size and that a Patio Room offers a lower cost option for those customers considering a brick-built extension. For customers with a bungalow or house with a low eaves that preclude a traditional conservatory, a Patio Room can be the only way forward.