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The FEATURES of a Patio Room are:-

'Flat / Solid' roof. - is suitable for extending off all low-eaves properties. Our design service includes supplying custom-made timber fascia profiles to match most existing profiles, at no extra cost (More)

Lower-energy use. - a maximum of roof insulation reduces solar gain as well as heat loss, jointly with 20mm Low E argon-filled insulated glazing, to help with Part ‘L’ compliance (More)

Specialised product. - the company specialises in a single product with a high quality specification as standard. There is only one optional extra, for High Performance doors, to give improved security, weatherproofing and energy-efficiency, if required (More)

DIY-friendly. - the simple, all-timber contruction 'package' is provided complete with a Construction Guide and Customer Detail Sheets together with full backing from our technical/professional Support Line. It is suitable either for contractor-assembly or DIY, as required (More)

Guaranteed quality. - the external timber in wall/door frames, window panels and doors carries a 30-yr guarantee against rot and fungal attack. All main components, including glazing, carry a 10-yr manufacturing guarantee (More)

Compact plan sizes / flexibility. - the basic range of plans has two depths, 1.85m and 2.45m and four widths of 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.6m. However, our NEW SIZE RANGE has increased height and plan depth (More). Also, contact us about standard 'specials', e.g. corner site situations, linked Models and doors in the front frame. In addition, non-standard 'specials' can be discussed

Building Regulations exempt. - the standard design 'package' is pre-approved, provided that the roof line is 2m from the site boundary (More)


The BENEFITS of a Patio Room, COMPARED to a traditional glazed-roof conservatory, are:-

Extended use. - it is a ‘4-season’ space, usable the year round in most climates:

  • Warmer in winter. The roof insulation reduces heat loss and down-draughts to make the space warmer and the occupants more comfortable
  • Cooler in summer. The insulated, projecting roof gives more shade from the sun, to reduce over-heating and keep the space cooler (ideal for a south-facing site)

More privacy. - the solid, insulated roof gives increased visual and aural privacy

Lower heating costs. - a smaller radiator is needed and the heating bills are smaller

Lower cooling costs. - fewer windows are required and there is no need to buy roof blinds

Less ultra-violet damage. - reduced direct sunlight gives more protection to sensitive materials

Simpler maintenance. - roof access is easier and safer and roof cleaning is less frequent

The only way forward. - where the low eaves and restricted site effectively precludes a traditional glazed-roof conservatory, a Patio Room can be the only way forward

In short, a Patio Room is more like a house extension than an 'add-on' structure, in both use and appearance. It adds greater VALUE to a property than a traditional conservatory of equivalent size and does so at a LOWER COST than a traditional, brick-built extension. Our development 'package' is fully supported by a helpful, professional service throughout the process - from Selection and Installation through to Occupation and Maintenance