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High Performance Doors

High Performance doors meet additional requirements for security, weather protection and energy efficiency. The door sets are supplied complete – pre-hung, with weatherboard and locks fitted (except for pairs of doors the locks are wrapped and supplied separately). Also, trickle-ventilators are fitted (customer choice of white or brown)


  • 3 point espagnolette locking system for single door*
  • 5 point espagnolette locking system for pairs of doors**, plus dead-bolts to slave door
  • Locks conform to European Din 18 251
  • Locks approved by the Association of British Insurers
  • Heavy duty brass-effect lift-off hinges


  • All round heavy duty weatherstripping (customer choice of white or brown)
  • Doors pre-hung in the frame (easily removed for on-site storage)
  • Weatherboards fitted


  • High quality handles (customer choice of ‘polished brass’ or ‘silver’ effect)

* For single doors, the door is hung either on the Left or Right Hand Side viewed from the outside (customer to choose LHS or RHS)

** For pairs of doors, the locking mechanism and handles are fitted on the Left Hand Side door as viewed from the outside