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A Patio Room roof may be located against a tall house wall or in a corner situation, as a 'standard special'. The 'standard' situation is where it integrates with an existing roof. The CONSTRUCTION GUIDE describes how the various integration issues are resolved:

Existing eaves profiles. The Patio Room roof profile can accommodate a wide range of existing low-eaves profiles, as indicated in the diagram. If a particular fascia profile is required to be matched, the key dimensions 'A' and 'B' are provided by the customer, unless the standard dimensions are required

Alignment. Having matched a particular timber fascia profile (available in 25mm increments), the design has a further, +/- 10mm construction tolerance to accommodate existing eaves-line variations

Roof integration. To receive the Patio Room roof, only the projecting house eaves (not the main roof) requires the joists to be trimmed back. Minimal disturbance of the roof finish is possible, e.g. roofing felt can be re-used trimmed back and Pantiles can be re-used simply slid back

Structural integration. The Patio Room structure carries its own vertical loads and is taken back to the existing house wall, where fixings are made to assist with lateral stability

Waterproofing. The Patio Room roof finish is taken back under the modified, existing roof. Rainwater from the existing roof discharges onto the new roof which is fitted with gutters, on 3 sides if required

Roof ventilation. The Construction Guide shows how roof ventilation is maintained for both the existing house roof and the Patio Room roof

Technical advice / Specials. Customers should not hesitate to request technical advice on particular junction issues not covered by the above, including information on 'special', larger sizes (up to 3.6m deep), corner arrangements and doors in the front frame. (Technical). The company gives technical support to the product and its installation in typical situations, but cannot give on-site advice.