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The Patio Room SPECIFICATION is reviewed regularly to ensure compliance with our AIMS of Good Residential Quality and having simple and safe construction techniques for the installation of 'high-tech' materials:

Timber wall / door frames
Hardwood timber sills to softwood wall and door frames are supplied with external corners pre-mitred to simplify installation. The softwood frames are manufactured from quality Redwood. Door frames are fitted with a heavy-duty PVC water-bar. The softwood timber is supplied with a harmonising basecoat stain ready for on-site finishing (to customer supply of paint or stain)

Window panels
The softwood timber in window panels matches wall and door frames. Panels are silicone bedded in wall frames (glazing beads internal) for Part ‘L’ compliance

Opening windows
Two top-hung vents are provided as standard. Lockable window stays are supplied (customer choice of silver/brass effect). No additional vents are necessary. However, a 600mm x 600mm openable rooflight is available as an optional extra

Doors are dowel construction in quality softwood, manufactured from N. Amercan Door Stock, or equivalent. They are supplied double vacuum preservative treated, supplied unstained and suitable for paint finish or can be treated with high-build natural wood finishes to accentuate the rich colour of the timber. Single doors are 2000 x 807mm. Paired doors are 2000 x 1106mm, with rebated meeting stiles. With outward-opening doors (the 'standard'), the right hand door opens first when viewed from the outside, except with the High Performance option (see below) when the left hand door opens first. If inward-opening doors are selected, the opposite applies. Hardware is supplied by the customer (except with the High Performance option when it is included)

High Performance Option
Doors can be supplied with improved security, weatherproofing and energy-efficiency, where required. The enhanced specification comes as a 'package' and includes weather-moulds and choice of 'polished brass' or 'silver' effect door handles.(More)

All the above finished items carry a 10-yr guarantee against manufacturing defects (excluding ironmongery). Also, these items carry a 30-yr guarantee against rot and fungal attack for the external timber components. All other supplied materials and fixings carry the appropriate manufacturer’s guarantees


Glazing comprises double-glazed 20mm Low E Argon filled sealed units using toughened glass to BS6206 Class A. This achieves a U-Value of 2.0W/m2K, for Part ‘L’ compliance, when correctly bedded with the glazing silicone supplied. Timber glazing beads are provided. All glazing carries a 10-yr guarantee against manufacturing defect

Roof structure
Preservative treated softwood timber for roof-frame and secondary supports. Roof boarding and quality Redwood fascia elements are pre-cut to standard lengths (final trimming is normally required). The assembled structure is suitable for ‘safe access’, i.e. Imposed Load of 0.75kN/m2 and Dead Load not more than 0.50kN/m2. The wind and snow loadings satisfy BS 6399

Roof finish
The roof finish is a flexible, aluminium 'high-build' membrane, based on polyurethane prepolymers, combining the properties of solar protection and easy and safe liquid application using normal safety procedures. The roof boarding is selected for its weather-proof properties. The roof edge is finished with an aluminium trim, with pre-formed corner pieces, for an overall smart roof appearance and a neat junction with the existing house roof

Insulation is a min. 90mm thick polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam board, providing low thermal conductivity. Reflective foil surfaces on both sides provide low surface emissivity. Glassfibre core reinforcement provides dimensional stability and strength. Class 1 surface spread of flame. It is easy and safe to handle, using normal safety procedures

Plasterboard with vapour barrier, in easy-to-handle sizes, with tapered, filled joints

Customer supply items
The quality-checked 'package' supplied to the customer comprises the complete building envelope, including all materials, fixings and sealants; also, the Construction Guide with its easy-to-follow, 'step-by-step', installation instructions. The customer provides the base of the Patio Room (to the standard set out in the Construction Guide), the door ironmongery (unless the High Performance option is selected), the rain-water goods and the decorative finishes